Facebook Marketing Tools: Using the Open Graph API to Improve Your Business Page Insights


Facebook is constantly changing and brands constantly seek out the newest and most cutting-edge Facebook marketing tools to keep pace with the ever-changing trends. Marketers everywhere are always looking for the smartest and sharpest Facebook marketing tools available to them to accomplish their goals. Whatever your objectives are, it pays to take the smartest tools with you. From the basics to the advanced Facebook advertising strategies, the smartest social media outlets are out there to help you get the word out about your business.

The most basic Facebook marketing tool is the business page. For brand building, this is perhaps the most important social media outlet for a brand. This serves as the company’s home on the social media network. Everything posted on the business page gets promoted to everyone who has a Facebook account.

Branding through the social media network goes beyond what most people think. With over 450 million users and growing by the day, Facebook ads are reaching their target audience at an unprecedented rate. However, reaching your demographic is easier said than done. Fortunately, many different hidden Facebook marketing tools can be implemented to help bring more engagement to your ad campaign. From simple ads that sport your company logo to engaging videos, you can advertise anything that you want.

One of the newest and most effective advertising strategies available on Facebook is the messenger drip campaign. Messenger drip campaign posts ads on relevant forums on time, much like an article you would write for publication. These types of ads are a great way to get more engagement because they are instantly displayed to everyone who has access to that specific forum.

When using the messenger style of ad, one of the hidden tools you can use is the Like feature. Whenever you like an update on your friend’s wall or someone else’s page, it will show up as a notification on their newsfeed. Unlike regular ads, these notifications do not have to be in line with your business’s related content or be directly related to the subject matter. Instead, simply liking an update creates a notification that is highly focused and strategically placed where your audience will see it. Unlike banner ads, which can be distracting and hard to read, the like feature allows your updates to be highly focused and easily readable for your audience.

Another useful tool in Facebook’s arsenal is the Like feature. The Like feature is similar to the messenger style ad, except that when you like an update, it will also appear as a notification on the user’s business page. In addition to allowing you to share updates with your current customers, it also encourages new people to connect with your company. This is another great way to engage with customers, even those who have not yet purchased products from you.

Finally, another highly useful Facebook marketing tool is the Facebook Insights Marketplace. The Marketplace offers users the ability to post and bid on ads, as well as view detailed information about the buyers and sellers. As a business owner, you can use the Marketplace to place a simple ad for your business and attract buyers from your page. This offers a third way to reach potential buyers, other than advertisements. The Marketplace can be used to display ads based on geographic location, connection status, gender, and interests.

In conclusion, we discussed three different ways in which you can use Facebook’s open graph API to improve your marketing efforts. First, by using news feeds, you can let people know what’s going on within your company. Second, you can use the likes feature to encourage people to connect with your company. Finally, you can advertise your products and services through the news feed, as well as the Marketplace.

Tips for Marketing Your Business on Facebook

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