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Igor Kheifets is the creator of the List Building Lifestyle club. Igor has been an active member of the list-building community for several years. As a member, you will have access to thousands of other subscribers who are experts in the field. This community is a great place to learn from like-minded marketers. The first step in this process is to sign up for the club.

The first step in the List Building Lifestyle club is to choose a plan. You can opt for the free membership or pay the one-time fee of $3,000. There is a small membership fee, but that isn’t very important compared to the membership cost. Moreover, you can get more than one member in the List Builder Club, and a personal mentor is a great option if you’re new to the business.

The Creator

Igor Kheifets has a YouTube channel where you can find helpful videos that explain the various steps of the program. The videos are not clickbait and are easy to follow. Igor knows his stuff and is an excellent source of information about online marketing. Although List Building Lifestyle does not offer an extensive training course on email marketing, there are some valuable resources that you can get there. For example, you can attend AMA sessions and learn how to write highly converting emails.

Igor Kheifets is an expert in affiliate marketing and has a YouTube channel. His videos are short and to the point. You can learn a lot from Igor Kheifets’ videos. His expertise reflects that he regularly holds webinars to teach the students about email marketing. While these webinars are not one-on-one sessions, you can attend them and learn from their experience.

Igor Kheifets’ videos are short. His videos demonstrate email marketing methods in an easily understandable way. You can learn from his videos by following the steps he outlines in his courses. You will also be able to learn from other members. You will be able to ask questions and receive answers to your questions. If you’re not sure what to expect, check out some of the videos to see if List Building Lifestyle is for you.

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The List Building Lifestyle Club has a lot of benefits. It’s a community, and videos are short and informative. Igor is a master of online marketing, and he knows what he’s doing. However, this isn’t a complete training program. Unlike many other programs, this program doesn’t include a one-on-one mentoring session with Igor. You can take part in the monthly live webinars without joining the club.

Training Program

The best way to start with List Building Lifestyle is by enrolling in the training program. It’s not a complete email marketing course, but it does offer some valuable training. It contains six step-by-step affiliate checklists and ten email swipes. The videos are short and easy to understand. Igor Kheifets is an experienced affiliate marketer who has an excellent reputation. If you’re interested in learning more about email marketing, this is a perfect opportunity to get started.

If you’re a novice to email marketing, List Building Lifestyle may be the right program for you. It offers detailed training videos that teach you the ins and outs of email marketing. You can also join live webinars with Igor to learn about various topics related to Internet marketing. The only downside to this program is that it doesn’t offer a complete training program. The program is more suited for advanced marketers and is not suitable for beginners.


Igor Kheifets is an excellent resource for aspiring affiliate marketers. He has a YouTube channel and shares tips and tricks for email marketing. Igor is also an active community member and has a wealth of knowledge. The List Building Lifestyle club also offers monthly webinars. While this isn’t a comprehensive email marketing course, it does provide a lot of training. In addition to the movement, Igor holds AMA sessions on YouTube.

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